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The healthcare industry is quickly changing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, digital healthcare is evolving. The urgency of the pandemic has catalyzed digital healthcare innovation. Between the manner in which services are provided, medical research advancements and enhancing the patient experience with digital tools, it seems change is the only constant. Our IT services team in Los Angeles anticipates digital healthcare to change even more in the months and years following the pandemic.

Mobile IoT Diagnostics

Portable medical equipment including mobile diagnostic equipment has been used since the start of the pandemic. IoT devices are now used to tap into the full potential of digital medical solutions. As an example, the United States Food and Drug Administration has approved portable ultrasound technology for use in the battle against the virus. This technology will likely continue to be used after the pandemic ends.

The Rise of Telemedicine

Telemedicine services went mainstream during the pandemic. It is now common to meet with doctors over a computer screen. Look for this trend to become even more commonplace after the pandemic ends. Telemedicine is favored by medical providers as it maximizes the number of patients who can be seen (virtually) and allows for social distancing to mitigate the spread of contagious viruses such as COVID-19.

Enhanced Care Coordination

Medical care providers are now focused on the manner in which treatments affect patients’ overarching health. In other words, it is becoming more common for medical care providers to take a truly holistic view of their patients’ health rather than rely on a decentralized approach. Look for data interoperability that zeroes in on the manner in which treatments contribute to health as a whole to prove even more prominent in the years to come.

Digital Engagement

The use of digital technology allows for social distancing between medical professionals and patients. Instead of patients visiting the medical office in-person with regularity, we will likely see a transition toward human interaction through digital tools such as text messages, smartphone apps, and voice scheduling. IT services providers in Los Angeles help facilitate the use of these digital tools.

Big Data and AI

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are facilitating the use of highly accurate models, trend monitoring, and disease progression. Big data’s predictive analytics will make it that much easier for medical professionals to provide accurate diagnoses and mitigate errs.

The digital landscape is clearly changing as the pandemic plays out. Our IT services team in Los Angeles is here to help with your digital challenges. Reach out to us to find out more about our services.

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