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IT support LACybercriminals are constantly evolving their digital attack methods. If you do not keep pace with the latest safeguards, your computers and network will eventually be crippled. The last thing you need is for your sensitive client data to end up in the hands of evildoers. Our IT support team in LA is here to help secure your data. Follow these tips and you will have done your part to protect your company against a potentially devastating cyber-attack.

Update Security Software with Regularity

Hackers are hard at work devising new programs to infiltrate your network, access your files, and hijack your system. Between malware, Trojans, ransomware, worms and beyond, a diverse array of digital threats loom. Your company needs the best possible digital security software program. Our IT support team in LA stays abreast of the industry’s latest digital security advances to ensure your data is protected. As long as you update your security software as improvements become available, you will dramatically reduce the chances of a successful digital attack.

Your Employees Need Cybersecurity Training

Cybercriminals typically steal employee credentials or even set traps for specific employees. If your team does not understand the many different cyber traps, it is inevitable at least one staffer will fall prey to digital miscreants. Give your team a cybersecurity refresher at least once each year. Provide all new hires with cybersecurity training. Employees should understand the basics of cyber-attacks ranging from ransomware to phishing, pop-ups, etc.

Secure Those Mobile Devices

In a perfect world, employees would strictly use their work computer for business. However, employee personal devices are permitted in most offices. Though these devices are not protected to the extent of workplace computers, employees still use them to work. Hackers can pilfer data from mobile devices by tapping into information when a public network is in use or by stealing the actual device. Those who require a mobile device should be given a company laptop or smartphone that keeps data encrypted at all times.

Back Up That Data!

If you are targeted by ransomware, you could lose all your data. Back up your data to a location far away from your headquarters. This way, if you are attacked by hackers or if there is a natural disaster, you will have a copy of your most important data safely secured and ready to go at an alternate location. Perform data backups with regularity to ensure you always have a recent copy of the information essential for business operations.

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