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Your business might have been hacked, yet there is a chance you won’t know about it until days or even weeks into the future. Even if your company has not been hacked, there is a good chance such an event will occur in the future. After all, hackers are now targeting businesses of all different types and sizes. Below, our IT support team in LA identifies the top signs that indicate your company has been hacked.

A Slow Network

A slow computer and/or network is problematic in a number of regards. If your computer or network is running slowly, it is a sign your company has endured a data breach. There is also a chance that a hacker is transferring files outside of the network, causing considerable slowness. Furthermore, there might be viruses, malware or other suspicious traffic headed outbound that is causing the delay. Encourage your team to report slow computers and networks as soon as possible. You can reach out to our IT support team in LA to help diagnose the problem and come up with the appropriate remedy.

Login Problems

Users who cannot access accounts should make the IT pros aware of the login issue without delay. As long as the correct login/password is being entered, it is a sign the system has been hacked. The cyber thief might have entered the login information over and over again, ultimately causing it to be locked. There is also the potential for the hacker to have accessed the account and altered the login credentials, preventing the user from logging back in.

File Alterations

When a hacker accesses a network, he or she might alter or delete critically important system files in an attempt to sidestep monitoring technology. Such alterations can occur in mere minutes. If your business is not actively monitoring critical system files, the alteration of a file indicating a data breach might not be detected for months or longer.

An Odd-Behaving Computer

If the computer you or a co-worker uses on a daily basis is acting different, there is a chance it has been hacked. Anything ranging from a new toolbar to a popup message, an antivirus warning, or the cursor moving on its own are an indication the network has been hacked. If you notice any of these issues, reach out to IT experts as soon as possible.

Advanced Networks Is At Your Service

Our IT support team in LA is here to help your company avoid a devastating hack and continue operating like a well-oiled machine. Reach out to us today to find out more about our tech services.

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