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Patch management from IT support firms in LA plays a key role in keeping your business safe and secure against cyber threats. Keeping all your software up to date is always a great way to limit downtime while also repairing any potential software vulnerabilities.

Here are a few of the best patch management practices from a managed service provider:

Inventory Entire IT Infrastructure

One of the best first steps in creating effective patch management services is for a managed service provider to inventory your entire IT infrastructure. Keeping track of all your devices is essential to ensure that everything is up to date with the latest patches.


The next step is to standardize each device and application as much as possible. Ensuring that everything is running on the same operating system makes it much easier to deploy patches and updates. Ultimately, this creates a much quicker process while also improving cybersecurity for your business.

Risk Assessment

IT support firms in LA will also complete a risk assessment to identify any potential areas of vulnerability within your IT infrastructure. A risk assessment is an excellent way to develop a system that focuses on creating patches to repair these vulnerabilities and give your business the latest protection against cyber threats.

Frequent Scanning & Monitoring

An IT service provider will frequently scan and monitor your IT systems to ensure that everything remains up to date. Patch testing is also available, as this is especially important if an IT provider creates patches for your business. Always staying proactive is key in keeping your business safe against cyber threats.

Patch Deployment

Patches should always be deployed during non-peak times, such as on weekends or late in the evening. Ultimately, this minimizes disruptions and helps to keep your employees productive. A managed service provider will ensure that everything is working well during the patch deployment process.

Auditing & Reporting Process

An IT service provider will monitor everything during patch deployment. Ensuring that everything is working correctly is a top priority for a managed service provider. Fallback policies are also important in the event of a patch causing additional problems. Always staying well-prepared for these various scenarios is an essential part of a patch management process.

Patch management plays a key role in keeping your company secure at all times. Advanced Networks is a managed service provider that helps businesses stay up-to-date with the latest technology by providing patch management services. Our goal is to always provide top-quality IT support in LA at an affordable rate. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the importance of patch management in the workplace!

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