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IT services Los AngelesIf you feel as though your company is not making proper use of technology or if tech is hampering your business in any way, it is time to take action. One way to be proactive about your tech problems is creating and regularly referencing a checklist. Below, our IT services team in Los Angeles identify some key elements and questions every business should have on its IT checklist.

Are We in Full Compliance?

If your IT team is preventing you from adhering to the nuanced requirements of your industry or the government’s requirements for compliance, it is time to make some changes. Ideally, your IT team will facilitate compliance rather than prevent it. Between encrypting data that is transmitted, securing the storage of data, planning disaster recovery, data backup and beyond, your IT provider should sweat all the small stuff to ameliorate the challenge of compliance. Take the little bit of time necessary to determine if your business is truly compliant with all the details of the law and relevant regulations.

What Steps are Being Taken in Terms of Ongoing Research and Development?

Technology is remarkably dynamic meaning it is in constant flux. The ever-changing nature of technology necessitates the assistance of an IT team with a reasonable vision for the future. Your IT team should regularly conduct research, tests, validation of supposed solutions and implement cybersecurity solutions as appropriate. The best IT experts are willing to consider each client’s unique needs and demands when providing service.

Consider Your It Crew’s Reach

If your IT specialist is limited to solutions and colleagues in your zip code, you will experience problems that are difficult to surmount sooner rather than later. Your IT services team in Los Angeles should be able to provide support for several offices underneath the umbrella of your overarching organization. Furthermore, if you have team members working in different time zones, there should always be someone available to solve tech woes.


It is in your interest to avoid relying on an IT company that strictly focuses on one part of the market. A single person attempting to provide IT services for several companies is bound to fail. A large company that restricts its services to massive enterprises is also likely to struggle to serve your business unless you fit that mold. The bottom line is IT personnel should be flexible and willing to take on new challenges.

At Advanced Networks, our IT services team in Los Angeles are here to help with every aspect of your IT. Contact us, tell us about your current IT situation and we will get right to work problem-solving and improving your network, hardware, software and more.

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