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Switching to hybrid operations is not straightforward, and that is why having IT support for your LA businesses is needed if you are looking to adopt the work model. The novel coronavirus has provided a demonstration that you can never fully prepare for the future and why a hybrid working arrangement is worth it. 

Hybrid operations provide an easy way for workers to transition to remote working and to have office operations. It is a process, and your business and employees must be fully prepared for the change. The following are the essential ways you can prepare your business for hybrid operations.

Unified Communications 

It is important that you and your employees can reach each other at any point and from any location. The employees should easily reach each other, especially when they are collaborating on projects.

You also want a setup that allows you to get personal feedback from the employees on the effectiveness of the hybrid operations arrangement. An IT support provider in LA can help you pick the best solution for your needs. Whichever option you settle on, it should integrate all communication options, including email, instant messaging, video chat, VoIP, and teleconferencing. 

Hardware and Cloud Infrastructure 

These two resources will require a committed level of investment. Your employees need to have hardware that will allow them to work while away from the office, and since they cannot move with their workstations, they will need capable laptops, smartphones, or tablets. They also need to access the data and various software tools to work with, and that is where the cloud infrastructure comes in. 

At the very minimum, you want to have a setup that encompasses a productivity suite, a unified communications solution, and a data storage solution. Because needs vary among businesses, working with a reliable IT services provider can help you customize a cost-effective and reliable setup for your business in LA.


Switching to hybrid operations without sufficient security policies and infrastructure opens your business to numerous threats. The right security practices ensure only authorized people can access various data and that employees do not become sources of breaches. It involves investing in VPNs, multifactor authentication, firewalls, encryption, and antivirus software. 

All these are just an overview of the basic factors when switching to hybrid operations. Having IT support in LA service will save you the headache of dealing with all angles and using a trial-and-error approach. If you want to learn more about hybrid operations and how to prepare to make the transitions, Get in touch with us at Advanced Networks, and let’s talk about your various options. 

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