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IT support LAPreparing to replace Windows 7 should be on the minds of all IT support firms in LA when you consider the end-of-life date will be January 14, 2020. Even though Microsoft has already released the new Windows 10, there is still widespread usage of Windows 7. Here are steps to take to prepare for upgrading Windows:

End-of-Life Issues

Tech manufacturers set end-of-life dates for when they will no longer provide upgrades or security updates for software. Once Microsoft stops providing support, running Windows 7 will create several risks involving cybersecurity. Your IT support provider in LA may have to work harder at creating makeshift solutions, which will drive up costs.

The older an operating system gets, the more vulnerable it becomes to data security breaches. Hackers specifically target old systems in which upgrades are no longer supported. Another problem with hanging on to old software is that it can create conflicts with partners and suppliers who don’t want exposure to such vulnerabilities. Outdated infrastructure can also take a toll on cybersecurity insurance costs.

Planning for Windows 10

Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Enterprise users have the option to purchase extended security protection through 2023. However, these users will need new PCs to be compatible. Upgrading company PCs will also be necessary for those moving to Windows 10.

Prior to investing in new equipment, you should discuss the matter with your IT consultant to find out if your current equipment such as the printer will be compatible with upgrading to Windows 10. The new operating system is designed to be more powerful with improved security to detect and protect against the latest threats.

For companies looking to revamp their entire infrastructure, the next few years will be a good time to consider alternatives such as a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy and going as cloud-based as possible. By letting employees bring their devices in which they are already familiar, you will not need to invest in training or new hardware. It will also cut down on maintenance and security costs. Another consideration is using virtualized servers, in which you can stack several different operating systems on one physical machine.


Working with IT support firms in LA will be essential for firms making the shift from Windows 7 to 10. While this move may seem overwhelming, the sooner you plan for it, the easier it will be for a smooth transition. Contact us here at Advanced Networks to learn more about our IT management solutions for small and medium business. We are committed to helping Southern California companies excel in efficiency and productivity.

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