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A managed IT services provider in Orange County is your connection to next-generation technology. As much as you must focus on your present business goals, every company should at least have a plan for upgrading technology in the future, especially when it comes to cybersecurity.

Traditional Firewalls vs. Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs)

Firewalls have been used to protect computer networks since the late eighties. Some firewalls are hardware-based, while others are software-based. They exist to monitor and inspect packets flowing in from internet traffic. If the packet seems suspicious based on administrator-based rules, it’s rejected and isn’t allowed to enter the network. Blocking traffic can be based on numerous criteria such as geolocation, port, and protocol.

NGFWs represent a new breed of firewalls designed to deliver both traditional and new capabilities that protect your network. One of the new functions is to block new advanced malware and application-layer attacks. NGFWs can block emerging or evolving threats almost instantly now.

But not every managed IT services provider in Orange County is as up-to-date on cybersecurity as those that recommend and deliver NGFWs. Using this next-generation technology will give you more confidence in your cybersecurity strategies and allow you more time to focus on business goals.

Key NGFW Benefits

  • Prevents breaches with advanced cybersecurity
  • Widescale network visibility
  • Multiple options for management and deployment
  • Quick detection of threats in seconds instead of several months
  • Automation features
  • Easy integration with other technology

Monitoring Your Network

Network monitoring is one of the functions that many IT firms provide, but not all of them have the latest tools to stop the most advanced hackers. Cybercriminals are constantly learning new ways to crack into business networks but typically prey on companies using older, more vulnerable technology. The concept of 24/7 monitoring is essential to blocking suspicious activity, and it helps dramatically to use sophisticated automation.

The latest monitoring systems automatically send alerts to security officials when threats appear on your network. Modern monitoring technology is capable of tracking threat information associated with event data, email, web properties, apps, and endpoints. NGFWs automate security components such as impact assessment, user identification with automatic enforcement of company security policy.


Picking the right managed IT services provider in Orange County will help lift your company above the confusion and stress related to cybercrime. But make sure you choose an IT firm that keeps up with the latest technology and has expertise in the areas you need the most help. Contact us now at Advanced Networks to learn more about building a safer network for the future.

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