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Technology and innovation are essential aspects of growth and can make things easier and effortless. But again, they can be misused by fraudsters to hack into people’s phones and steal valuable data. We’ve seen news of major organizations and companies including the CIA, an agency believed to have one of the bestcybersecurity. This clearly shows that everyone, big or small, is vulnerable to attacks.

And with all the data breaches and malware reports, it’s essential to take steps to protect your smartphone. Here are some crucial tips shared by IT support experts in LA to hack-proof your android device:

Update Your Operating System

Out-of-date operating systems are the most vulnerable to attacks. Hackers will target such systems because of the weak security measures, exposing identity and privacy. 

You should always keep your smartphone’s operating systems up to date. Whenever there’s a new release, Android or Apple will notify you to update your phone. However, some of us do not realize just how important these updates are, and we ignore them. 

Also, you should regularly update other software, including apps on your smartphone, to keep it safe. Those updates usually come with added security measures to secure your smartphone from being hacked. The updates also patch security holes and fix bugs in the apps and software, making them less vulnerable to attacks. 

Avoid Unsecured Connections

We all love using public Wi-Fi’s to watch movies or browse for free. Little do we know that this puts our smartphones at risk of attacks from fraudsters. By using an unsecured network, you give hackers easy access to your devices. 

To hack-proof your smartphone, always stay away from public Wi-Fi, whether in airports, shops, hotels, or cafes. Instead, use a cellular network, especially when accessing your bank account or other vital information via your phone. 

However, if you must use public Wi-Fi, use a virtual private network to minimize the risk of attacks. 

And it’s not just the public Wi-Fi that can put your smartphone at risk; your Bluetooth connection can give attackers access to your smartphone. Therefore, whenever you’re in a public space, make sure your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are turned off at all times. No one can access your phone remotely when it’s not connected to the internet.

Download Secured Apps

Some companies provide IT support through mobile apps and software in LA. However, not all apps are safe. Some have been developed by hackers to help them hack into your smartphone while browsing. 

Therefore, before installing any app, either from Google play, Apple store or any other source, make sure it is safe. 


Your smartphone carries essential information about yourself or your business. It’s vital to keep away hackers by avoiding insecure connections and adding an extra layer of protection, among other measures. Contact us at Advanced Networks if you’re looking for the best IT support in LA to protect your smartphone and other internet-enabled devices.

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