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One of the biggest things IT support providers in LA have to deal with in the modern technology world involves spam. Spam isn’t just an advertisement copy sent to random email addresses. Sometimes, there are viruses involved that can crash your network.

Where Spam Can Financially Impact Operations

Certainly, specific losses can be expected from spam. Losses of this kind are what most people expect from a virus. But as it turns out, collateral expenses of being impacted through spam vectors can be quite bad as well. Here, we’ll explore such potential issues. Expenses that can be prevented through proper email management as provided through the right MSP include:

Phishing Emails Directly Stealing Data or Resources

Phishing emails often are written to appear as though they come from upper management. For example, someone in acquisitions might get an email from someone in sales.

It looks legitimate, except for one letter being “off” in the address. Instead of [email protected], it’s [email protected]. And the email is urgent.

This is the most common type of spam: a phishing email designed to trick your employees into giving cybercriminals information they can use to steal from you. Naturally, impact is more direct–you lose money or data right away.

Productivity Loss and Downtime Potential

Spam protection provided by an IT support provider in LA can do much to avoid productivity loss. When you’re chasing theft from phishing, you might have to contact insurance groups, reboot devices, or even reboot your network.

That can mean serious downtime. MSP management initiating security like email sandboxes (where emails that are questionable are digitally “detonated” to assure they’re not dangerous) can be quite helpful.
So can antivirus, anti-malware software, and firewalls. Traditional anti-spam protocols may not be enough as spammers find new ways of getting past them.

Direct and Indirect Recovery Costs

Sometimes the impact of spam is direct in terms of financial costs or downtime, sometimes indirect expenses transpire. If you’re no longer as trustworthy to your target market because a data breach through phishing spam exposed data, that could lead to reduced revenue from reputation impact. The right MSP can be integral in helping assure that doesn’t happen by not only protecting you against known spam issues, but developing ones.

Reducing Impact from Costly Spam

Our IT support team in LA can help you avoid being impacted through email scams, help stem lost productivity, reduce downtime, cut expenses directly as well as indirectly related to recovery, and preserve reputation through better data protection. For more information, get in touch with us at Advanced Networks!

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