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IT services Los AngelesCybercrime is ever-present in the world today, and in order to stop your company being targeted by watering hole attacks, you may need to seek the help of an IT services provider in Los Angeles because they will be up-to-date with the latest methods used. Watering hole attacks take their name from watering holes in nature and the propensity for predators to lie in wait for their prey as they know they will need to drink at some point. In the same way, cybercriminals will choose a particular company and its employees hoping to find a specific website at which they are frequent visitors. Once they have established which website they will target, they will distribute malware onto that site so that any visitors will become infected. The website they choose can be any website, even household names; all they need to do is find a loophole or vulnerability and they can install their software to begin attacking others. Malware downloads can even be limited to specific IP addresses, making it supremely difficult to spot until it is too late.

How to Protect Your Company

IT services providers in Los Angeles recommend that in order to try to protect yourself and your company as much as possible, you need to ensure that all your software patches are up-to-date and any new release from any of your software providers is installed as quickly as possible. You can also use network security tools because they will assist you in detecting malicious activity. You can even install special management software that checks your bandwidth and notes any unusual actions. This could be an extremely large number of transactions in quick succession, or a larger than average number of downloads. Either of these could signify that something untoward is happening which could result in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack or is the direct result of malware being installed onto your systems and your personal data being transferred to the hackers’ computers.

The ways that criminals have developed to steal personal information or sensitive data is constantly evolving, and unless you are supremely skilled in security matters, you will probably need an IT services provider in Los Angeles to help you steer clear of any problems. We at Advanced Networks are perfectly placed to be able to help protect you from many types of cybercrime, including watering hole attacks. Contact us now to know how we can stop your precious data being stolen or your company’s infrastructure from being infected.

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