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Many businesses find themselves with a cupboard full of obsolete solutions as their hardware and software technology’s usable life gets progressively shorter each year. You don’t want to dump them away or give them away since they might hold sensitive information and, if disposed of in a landfill, they could release hazardous chemicals like lead and mercury into the water and soil supply. Although some localities mandate specific treatment of e-waste, the massive amounts of electronic trash discarded annually in the United States are still mostly unregulated.

Regardless of whether your city controls e-waste, there are numerous reasons why your company should engage a reputable IT support expert in LA to assist with the disposal of outdated connected devices.

Obtain a Reasonable Market Price for Old Technology

There can be a market for your outdated technology. You may recoup the worth of your used IT equipment before they become e-waste if you know the fair market valuation of your equipment. To offset the expense of newer technology, many companies intend to sell their old equipment before it becomes outdated.

Good Source of Raw Products Internationally

Gold is only retrieved from 10-15% of electronic waste effectively, with the rest being lost. According to the United Nations, electronic trash includes precious metal reserves approximately 40 and 50 times richer than ores extracted from the soil.

Global Movement of Hazardous Materials

The unregulated flow of e-waste to nations where low wages and rudimentary recycling methods have resulted in health hazards for populations exposed to toxic releases is a source of worry.

It’s Environmentally Beneficial

What transpires of your equipment when it is discarded? It will very certainly end up in a landfill in an off-shore nation, where it will stay and ultimately pollute the ecosystem. Parts of devices are made from valuable metals as well as dangerous or poisonous elements. There is a better approach to dispose of these equipment pieces that is both less wasteful and environmentally friendly.

If you work with a reputable IT support provider in LA, your equipment becomes less likely to end up in a landfill. Based on the age and usefulness of the item, it may be possible to donate, recycle, or repurpose it to someone else who can still benefit from it.

Data Protection is Key

The most important consideration is security and data protection when it comes to discarding your company’s equipment. If you don’t dispose of gadgets with privacy and security in mind, your company may be vulnerable to a data leak or penalties in the future. Even though a hacker does not locate your equipment, you may suffer data security charges.

Deleting files from your device won’t be enough. Data and files are stored on machines in a way that makes it imperative that you hire professionals to ensure no data is left behind when you want to destroy the device.

Recognize when your technology will reach the end of its useful life

We at Advanced Networks can help your company in the management of connected devices from acquisition and use through to disposal. Reach out to our IT support team in LA to discover more about what we can do for your organization!

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