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One of the primary reasons IT consulting is advisable for your Los Angeles business is because it gives you security protection built around preventing malware and ransomware attacks as these types of attacks tend to be some of the most successful hacks.

Things to Consider

Ransomware can be deployed in diverse ways, and as 2020’s global lockdown continues, it’s very likely remote means of data breach will become even more prevalent than they were. Following, we’ll explore a few things you should take into account as you secure your data this year, and into the future:

5G Is Here and Being Deployed

IT consulting firms in Los Angeles are presently helping many businesses incorporate 5G technology. However, there are also “black hat” technologists out there finding new ways to exploit this tech innovation.

Because more 5G means more “public” and “criminal” technological development, ransomware, malware, and other associated means of breaching data will naturally propound in 2020 and going forward.
Just as you need 5G to maintain competitive viability, you need requisite security to avoid exposing that data incidentally.

Cloud Computing, IoT, Decentralization, and Lockdowns

The Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing are leading to decentralization. This means more and more businesses conduct core operations from server arrays that are part of the cloud and accessed by the internet. Malware will target such decentralized server arrays as it’s feasible. Ransomware will seek new avenues of entry.

Propounding the issue presently is the current global lockdown taking place. Where before, some hackers may use tailgating or social engineering hacks, social distancing is forcing hackers to get a little more creative than perhaps they’ve been. You can expect this to manifest in novel means of data breach.

Malware and ransomware are still quite successful, but older conventions surrounding these techniques are becoming known to the targets of cybercriminals. Such hackers necessarily adapt as a result. Your security should as well, and the right MSP can help you determine which strategies will work best for your business, which are overkill, and which you may not even have considered to be viable.

Data Breach “As A Service”

Just as “as a service” options are available for white-hat pursuits on the cloud, IoT and decentralization have facilitated a “dark” economy where malware or ransomware viruses can be ordered on-demand. It’s important to protect against this.

Enabling More Secure Operations

An IT consulting firm in Los Angeles like Advanced Networks can help you protect against data breach, decentralization, and developing threats now made viable through innovations like 5G. To learn more, contact us!

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