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SMS phishing scams have recently grown more popular. These SMS phishing scams are similar to an email phishing scheme, as the cybercriminals send a fake message that tries to deceive you into giving them personal information. Typically, they will have a link embedded in the text message that will send you to a malicious site that is designed to steal your personal information. It is essential to have IT support in LA to keep your organization protected. Here are some tips advised by IT experts to prevent SMS phishing scams:

Always Remain Vigilant

The first step in keeping your organization protected from these schemes is to remain vigilant at all times. Unlike email messages, a text message usually doesn’t go through any filters, and it is up to the user to identify a potential scam. Fortunately, these scams are generally easy to identify, as they pretend to be from a reputable company while they ask for your login or personal information. For example, they may claim that they are from your local bank and they need you to verify your account by entering your PIN number. Obviously, this is a major red flag as a bank would never solicit information from their users, and these messages need to be deleted immediately.

Additional Training

One of the main advantages of partnering with an IT support provider in LA is that they will allow your employees to undergo frequent training sessions that are related to cybersecurity. These training sessions can give further instructions on how to handle SMS phishing scams and the best ways to identify them before it is too late. Ultimately, the use of these training sessions is an excellent way to increase the knowledge of employees and prevent them from committing common cybersecurity mistakes in the workplace.

Contact IT Provider

If you do receive a suspicious text message that is asking for your personal information, it is a good idea to notify the IT provider immediately. An IT provider can investigate the SMS message further and determine if it is legitimate or a phishing scam. Contacting an IT provider will help your company avoid becoming a victim of cybercriminals while also potentially limiting many hours of downtime. Always notifying the IT provider of these messages will keep your company secure from these vicious cyber threats.

Partnering with an IT support provider in LA can help your business avoid becoming the next victim of an SMS phishing scam. These scams are designed to steal your personal information and can wreak havoc on any organization. Advanced Networks is an IT provider that focuses on providing the best cybersecurity protection available. We understand that these cyber schemes are increasingly becoming more complex. We can help you counteract these threats with the help of the latest technology. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them and help you understand the importance of partnering with an IT support company that specializes in preventing these vicious cyber threats. Contact us now to learn more about SMS phishing schemes prevention.

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