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One of the most common cyber attacks IT support experts in LA fight against are phishing emails. 83% of people have received phishing emails. Hackers can access your data, usernames, passwords, and credit card information through phishing emails. Phishing scams often look real, and they come in many headlines to trick users. Some of the headlines include requests for password changes, closed bank accounts, locked social media accounts, and so on. IT support experts can protect your business from the phishing scams and advise you the following steps:

Email Sandboxing

Using email filters can prevent phishing files from finding their way to your inbox. An email sandbox tests for suspicious URLs, attachments, and addresses before they reach your server. The conventional email filters are not effective in scanning emails from unknown senders. On the other hand, an email sandbox eliminates even the zero-day threats from unknown scammers.

Train Your Employees to Identify Scam

Through training and testing, you can reduce the risk of phishing attacks. They can be educated on the reality of cyber-attacks through phishing, for them to stay alert. Advising your employees to escalate suspicious emails to the designated IT support experts in LA can prevent attackers from getting entry into your servers.

Secure Your Browsers

Websites can be a source of phishing attacks. Through impersonation of legitimate sites, attackers can get your usernames, passwords, and other information they could use maliciously. By running HTTPS extensions in all the computers in your business, you can ensure that your browsers are secure. The extensions provide the security features your webpage needs to determine whether or not a URL is malicious.

Look Out for the Red Flags

Staying alert is critical in preventing phishing scams. Attackers will not be too cautious with grammar, spelling, and other mistakes. Such errors are not found in emails from legitimate addresses. Also, be careful with emails from strange addresses, as they may be malicious.

A sense of urgency should also raise suspicion. Cybercriminals will create a sense of urgency so that you act fast and fail to notice the red flags. Stay vigilant and do verification before taking any action on an email.

Keep Your Software Updated

Phishing scams take advantage of software vulnerabilities. By keeping your software up-to-date, you can eliminate the security loopholes through patching. An average of 1 million computer viruses is released every day. Software updates come with features that can help combat the new strain of viruses released every day.

Your business information is essential. You should partner with IT support experts in LA to protect your business from phishing scams. At Advanced Networks, we have the solutions you need to protect your data from phishing attacks. Contact us now for more information.

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