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First, What is an APT Attack?

IT support in LA represents one of the best means of defending yourself against things like Advanced Persistent Threat attacks. Basically, APTs happen when a hacker manages to get into your network and stay there for a long time. Data losses pertaining to things like intellectual property transpire, you may see infrastructure get sabotaged, there could be service outages, and it’s possible for your whole site to be taken over owing to an APT.

One of the best ways to stay safe from APTs is to carefully manage your data networks using the latest best practices. External support may be necessary. Here are several of the currently prescribed best practices for protection against APTs:

Know the Signs

When there are a bunch of logins after hours, that’s generally a sign of an APT. If you find a lot of “Trojan” viruses showing up through backdoors in your network, that’s another sign of APT likelihood. Also, continuous spear-phishing emails, data bundles that go missing, anomalous activity, and admin behavior that doesn’t seem quite right are all clear signs of APT issues. If you’re experiencing any network “symptoms” like these, you want to work with an MSP or other tech professional to determine if you’re dealing with an APT or not.

Monitor Digital Networks

IT support professionals in LA strongly suggest that you should monitor networks internally, externally, or both. This will help reveal the sort of anomalies most commonly attributed to APT attacks so you can set up digital defenses against them.

List Approved Sites, Domains, or Networks–“Whitelisting”

Whitelisting is the exact opposite of blacklisting. Essentially, you “whitelist” all the networks, websites, social media avenues, and other digital thoroughfares that can be trusted. If a site isn’t on that list, you try and refrain from using it.

Up-To-Date Security, Employee Training, and Regular Backdoor Scans

When employees aren’t up-to-date on best practices as regard security, they may open backdoors without realizing it. You want up-to-date technological security in the form of firewalls and patches.

Employee training that’s up-to-date is also fundamental. Something else you may want to do is get into the habit of scanning for backdoors on a regular basis. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do this is through a professional MSP that has resources and perspective often more qualitative than on-site options.

APT Attack Prevention

Our IT support team in LA can help apprise your business of signs associated with APT intrusion, monitor networks, whitelist approved digital locations, keep security up-to-date, train employees, and scan for backdoors. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about APT attacks and how best to prevent them.

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