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A few crucial building blocks to data protection are IT support in LA and a strategic backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan. Companies that don’t do any data backups or have no preparation for emergencies can sink quickly. Without data backups, you risk starting your entire business over again from scratch. Here’s what you can do to ensure all your digital assets will be restored in a disaster:

Reasons for Backup and Disaster Recovery

The main reason for making data backups is so that you can keep your business going if your main server goes down. Of course, you also need a backup server and a generator or a cloud-based solution to restore files and applications. High-quality backup plans might have a few seconds of downtime, but not hours. Ideally, an automated solution switches to your backup server if your main server goes down.

Various types of disasters, such as the following, can lead to data loss:

  • Natural disaster
  • Security breach
  • Employee error
  • Hardware failure
  • Power outage

Using IT Support for Backup

Backing up data can be a tedious mind-numbing job, especially for an in-house employee whose main work is outside of tech. Letting an apathetic employee handle this crucial task is a recipe for disaster. Someone who doesn’t know much about data backup and all the nuances that can mess up archiving probably isn’t going to be as careful as an IT support provider in LA.

Human error is a primary reason for both data breaches and data loss. That’s why it’s best to assign the critical task of making backups regularly to someone who cares and understands the importance. If you run a health care service that is required to be HIPAA-compliant, you certainly don’t want to assign this work to an intern who may not care about government compliance. Employees who lack focus and get bored easily may lag in productivity and try to make up for it by pretending to complete an unfinished job.

Data can be lost easily by just a few wrong clicks, which is why making backups requires focus. In other words, it shouldn’t be regarded as low-level work. Working with a seasoned IT team is the solution to ensure consistent and accurate backups. An IT support provider that wants a long-term business relationship isn’t going to risk its reputation by doing mediocre work. The goal of quality IT firms is to provide business continuity and quick solutions to problems.


The best formula for data protection is a mix of IT support in LA and a backup and disaster recovery plan. Contact us now at Advanced Networks for more information about the most reliable data protection strategies.

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