Protecting Your Data with IT Security in Los Angeles

Protecting Your Data with IT Security in Los Angeles

The sensitive data your company relies on must be protected by the proper IT security in Los Angeles. This information keeps your company running. For most corporations, items like customer orders, payment options, and personal information must be stored to operate. This data moves through different systems, networks, and departments, both internally and externally to your company. Keeping all these data safe is critical in maintaining your company’s reputation and ability to provide products and services. With data loss protection, your business has the tools needed to mitigate many of the risks associated with data loss.

Data Loss Risks

Data loss and information breaches hurt companies in a variety of ways. Here are some of the top risks your company is exposed to while you don’t have any data loss protection in place:

  • Stopping operations – Without information like order numbers, shipping information, and payment data, your business cannot function. This cuts into your revenue and hurts your bottom line.
  • Loss of additional revenue – Many of your sales efforts use previous sales data. When this information is lost, your sales staff loses critical information they need to make new sales.
  • Bad reputation – Losing payment information or having it end up in the wrong hands makes your company look bad. Other customers are leery of providing that information to you in the future, which drives them to your competitors.
  • Failure to comply with regulations – For many industries, the right protection from data loss is regulated. They can impose fines, release poor audit results, and have other negative consequences, if they are not followed properly.

What Data Loss Prevention Does

The threat of data loss is very real and includes some extremely high risks, but how do you protect your company? When looking into IT security in Los Angeles, you hear the term data loss prevention a great deal. It is important to understand the benefits your services are providing to make sure your risks are mitigated correctly.

Many data loss prevention plans provide tracking methods. This lets you know where your data is, where it came from, and who has access to it. These records help you stay safe, record any issues, and provide evidence in the event of a security breach. These methods keep both on-site and cloud-based storage solutions safe.

Data loss prevention systems protect your data from external sources. It also looks at the internal usage of data. Some employees require access to sensitive or proprietary information. This access has the potential to leak information, either with intent or by accident. By implementing data loss prevention, your company mitigates the risks associated with internal data breaches.

With the growing amount of data stored and accessed, the risks of data breaches have also grown. For the safety of your company’s data, IT security in Los Angeles should be carefully monitored. With the use of data loss prevention, your business faces lower risks. Advanced Networks is here to help you keep your data secure. Contact us today to learn how our services protect your sensitive information.

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