Reasons Why Managed Services and IT Support in LA are Better than Break-Fix Solutions

IT support LAAs a business owner who requires IT support in Orange County, it is your duty to enhance the productivity of your organization and minimize costs wherever possible. You should be prepared to deal with unexpected setbacks that result from IT maintenance issues. Technology complications have the tendency to arise at most inconvenient times; hence, they add hidden costs through disaster avoidance solutions and preventative maintenance.

Companies that use the break-fix strategy usually try to avoid recurring maintenance costs in order to save on their budget. Break-fix is an IT coined word that means your computer systems and applications are repaired after a breakdown.

When you review your business’ budget, you will find hidden costs that may convince you to utilize managed services instead.

When Should You Consider Managed Services?

  • If IT is significant to your business – When the success of your business is dependent on IT, managed IT services offer the most effective choice. Your business will receive expertise and in-depth knowledge to ensure your network is current, secure, and running efficiently.
  • When your organization is expanding – The growth of your business will necessitate different IT needs like constant support on emerging IT technologies. By utilizing managed IT services you will be able to plan and budget for each stage of your growth.
  • If your company is compliance-driven – When your organization is required to adhere to (healthcare or financial) compliance rules, it is imperative to use managed services so that you can keep your networks secure and updated on the regulations. The service provider can also offer your business documentation proof for reporting requirements.

Benefits of Managed Services

Break-fix usually centers on swapping technology when it breaks while managed IT services focus on proactively exchanging technology and carrying out preventive measures for your organization. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fewer capital expenses – Managed service providers make sure that the technology in your business gets the attention it needs when necessary; hence, you will not have to spend extra on replacing crucial hardware components.
  • Resolve issues quickly – By utilizing remote support, Managed IT Services providers in OC offering managed services will be able to resolve your problems quickly without waiting for a technician to arrive on site. Since your network is constantly monitored, each potential is dealt with immediately before becoming an emergency.
  • Minimized downtime – Constant maintenance of your hardware means that it will be less likely to break down and lead to downtime. Minimized downtime will enhance profits and improve functionality.
  • Direct access: Since you are a client and not a customer, you will get direct access to your technician who understands your network. You will not have to waste time by repeating yourself to different technicians when you have a problem.
  • Expertise and new technology: Your business will benefit from a wide range of expertise since this is the niche of your provider. They will also help you plan for emerging technologies and educate you on the ones to avoid.

If your business is still stuck in break-fix services, we at Advanced Networks will change the way you approach maintenance and assist in improving your operations with the help of our Managed IT Services team in Orange County. Contact us today for more information.

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