Reasons Why You Need HaaS from an IT Consulting Firm in Los Angeles

Reasons Why You Need HaaS from an IT Consulting Firm in Los Angeles

IT consulting Los Angeles, HaaS Los AngelesCorporate dependency on IT shows no signs of lessening. From onsite systems and desktop computing to cloud platforms and the Internet of Things, the need for your business to stay current— both with trends in IT and the state of your own systems— grows every day. Given that an effective business focuses on core competencies, how can your company both maximize its revenue streams and ensure all facets of your IT needs are being met without creating bigger budgeting and strategy headaches? The answer is Hardware as a Service (HaaS) from an IT consulting company in Los Angeles.

Fundamentally, HaaS gives your organization a way to let a provider take responsibility for meeting your hardware needs. Safe in the knowledge that your IT requirements are being met and at a budget that fits your strategy today and tomorrow, you can aim all of your investment in building your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Haas?

The exact benefits of HaaS vary between organizations and HaaS contracts, but at a headline level, they generally include:

1. No More Obsolescence – Your HaaS Los Angeles supplier will ensure your company’s IT hardware is always up to date. No longer do you have to worry about old, vulnerable, inefficient hardware.

2. Always Patched – The operating systems (OSes) and applications will be maintained on your behalf, with all updates and patches handled so you don’t have to.

3. Reduced Security Risks – Because your systems use up-to-date hardware, applications, and OSes, your company’s security is optimized. Old vulnerabilities are banished.

4. Eliminate Up-Front Costs – The cost of supplying and maintaining your IT hardware is wired into the supply contract and spread over the life of the agreement so you don’t have to worry about large capital expenditures.

5. Increased Available Capital – Because your company doesn’t have to find and fund the often huge capital outlay required to update generations of enterprise-wide IT hardware, you have more budget available to invest in building your business.

6. Fixed Costs – Your HaaS provider agrees to specified charges for your contract so you know exactly how much your IT hardware will cost for the life of the contract. With no more worry about fluctuating budgets, planning becomes much easier and more accurate.

7. Simple Billing – The administrative overhead and cost of directly handling the budgeting for your hardware are eliminated. You get simplified billing from your IT consulting provider in Los Angeles.

8. Scalable – With Hardware as a Service, you don’t have to worry about managing and budgeting for expanding hardware needs. Your HaaS provider takes care of it. There are no sudden capital costs to worry about.

9. Tax Benefits – In addition to all the day-to-day, long-term budgeting/strategy, and stability/security benefits, your company enjoys tax benefits from using HaaS services.

Hardware as a Service is not a totally new phenomenon. In reality, it’s simply a repackaging and repurposing of traditional business concepts. As the critical role of corporate IT grows, however, the benefits of using an IT consulting service in Los Angeles become ever greater. Don’t allow your business to be held back by real or perceived problems with your corporate IT— let an expert provider take the load off your shoulders. Contact us at Advanced Networks today and learn more about how we can help your business with HaaS and other IT needs you may have.

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