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What is a vCIO?

IT support LAIT support firms in LA can help you secure a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), which has access to the technological resources of a professional MSP. Internal CIOs are limited by your budget and will have to expand that budget to address varying issues.

However, though a vCIO can totally assume the responsibilities of a CIO, many businesses keep a CIO on-site to maximize core tech operations, maintaining infrastructural needs and data networks through their vCIO. Different balances will work better for different businesses.

Not only do vCIOs have the resources of professional IT agencies, but since they often must manage multiple clients, they must retain cutting edge technology familiarity. Altogether, these things yield advantages such as the following:

Expanded Efficiency

IT support firms in LA that provide the right level of vCIO support can keep your operation more effectively managed. Operational expenses can be reduced. Additionally, vCIOs have helped businesses like yours in the past, and can more efficiently assist you in pursuit of your goals.

Predictable Expenses

A vCIO isn’t present on-site, but the majority of IT issues can be managed remotely. Essentially, you’re outsourcing your CIO— and if you’ve got one on-site concentrating on core needs, then you have comprehensive support. Since you’re paying an expected sum for vCIO services, you’ll have fewer instances where costs spike in your monthly tech budget owing to internal issues. Imagine if a variance of 6% to 8% of resources being devoted to tech could be reduced to 6% to 7%, or a flat 6%. A business pulling in a million a year would save between $10k and $20k in such a scenario; not to mention gains from streamlined operations or reduced security threats.

Enhances Security and Compliance

Again, owing to competitive viability and professional resources, vCIOs are more likely to have access to the latest legal trends in terms of compliance. They’re going to have something called shared liability for many industries. This means if you’re found out of compliance, the tech company managing your business receives a fine as well. It’s also considerable that vCIOs tend to keep businesses more secure, again owing to competitive viability and resource expansion.

Securing VCIO Solutions for Your Business

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks can provide you increased compliance, cutting-edge security, predictable expenses, and expanded efficiency through vCIO solutions. Whether outsourcing such IT needs or combining with an on-site CIO, these solutions tend to streamline most businesses. Contact us for more information on vCIOs and other IT trends.

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