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Managed IT services in Orange County can be key in helping you avoid high costs associated with downtime. It’s not just reduced sales or productivity that get you; there are also overhead expenses and impacts on your reputation. Gartner estimates downtime losses at $5,600 per minute, for big businesses.

The right tech company provides specific solutions that help you more swiftly recover from downtime or avoid it almost entirely. Part of that means knowing where different areas of expense are. Following we’ll explore how downtime specifically affects operations:

Losses Among Clientele

Managed IT services companies in Orange County provide things like failover protection or database mirroring. Essentially, such options make it so when you have your system go down, there’s still a way for clientele to purchase your products or services. Through the cloud, what “network” clients interface with can be “mirrored” such that during downtime, clients don’t even know.

Here’s the thing: if you don’t have such solutions in place, then you’re definitely going to lose clients when there’s a downtime event. The percentage may vary based on your existing market share, and how much business you do on a regular basis anyway, but it’s usually a somewhat considerable loss.

Brand Reputation Declination

When a potential customer goes to your site, and they’re unable to access anything because you’re fighting downtime, that looks bad. It looks really bad when this happens more than once. It looks even worse if clients are compromised through data breach. A severe enough downtime event can totally erase your marketing gains.

Overtime, Repair, Marketing Losses

On that note, you will likely have losses from marketing outreach efforts through downtime. You won’t be able to honor promotions, etc. Also, you’re going to have to repair whatever issue predicated the event. This will likely result in overtime costs for repair personnel, as well as employees who have to get everything back to “cruising altitude.”

Reduced Productivity Overall, Possible Lawsuits for Compromised Data

You can’t be too productive when systems aren’t working. Also, when data is lost through a downtime event involving hackers, you could be subject to legal ramifications– -just check out breach notification laws on this site.

Understanding Downtime and Counteracting It

Managed IT services in Orange County through Advanced Networks can help you maintain productivity and also reduce lawsuit potential, overtime, repair, marketing losses, brand reputation declination, and clientele impact. Contact us for more information on downtime, downtime prevention strategies, and how best to safeguard your business.

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