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managed IT services Orange CountyIf you’ve had bad experiences in IT that you’d rather not go through again, then you may be a prime candidate for managed IT services in Orange County. A third-party service provider will take care of common IT problems so that your organization can focus on its core business activities.

Some IT issues may vary among organizations depending on the industry they’re in. But for the most part, these are similar across the board. You’ve most likely experienced at least one of the following:

Dealing with Legacy Systems

These systems still work, but they’re outdated, making them vulnerable to current security threats. Legacy systems are also often incompatible with newer technology, so the latest digital tools designed to improve efficiency can’t be used alongside them. As a result, employees are stuck with old, stagnant processes and can’t be as productive as they can be.

Handling Repetitive Errors

Your in-house IT team could be planning strategic roadmaps for their organization, but instead, they’re relegated to helpdesk support when employees routinely make mistakes like forgetting their passwords, locking themselves out of their accounts, and accidentally deleting some files. They also ask help with malfunctioning printers, slow internet connection, and incompatible USB devices.

Having No Tested Backups

Unexpected downtime can be caused by various reasons like natural disasters, security breaches, power outages, etc. Without reliable backups, the downtime can lead to data loss, which, if not addressed, can result in financial loss. But though most managed IT services providers in Orange County test backups, a lot of organizations don’t do so on their own. They think making backups is enough, only to be met with dismay when their backups don’t work during disaster recovery.

Getting Limited Training

Many security breaches happen because of ignorance. Without enough training, people click on phishing links and provide their sensitive data, not realizing they’re being fooled by fraudulent sites. They also download attachments from what they believe are legitimate sources. The lack of awareness training can lead to serious problems that can have a great impact on an organization.

Using Inadequate Tools for Remote Work

Employees nowadays expect remote work as an option. In an effort to please their staff, some organizations offer it even without the correct solutions. For example, instead of using specialized software that supports real-time collaboration on documents, they use email which is difficult to use for group discussions.

The good news is that you don’t have to deal with these IT problems anymore when you work with Advanced Networks, a trusted provider of managed IT services in Orange County. Contact us now to learn more about our complete IT management services.

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