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Cyber-attacks continue to pose significant threats against all types of businesses. Partnering with IT services professionals in Los Angeles is a great way to stay proactive against these threats and reduce the chance of your business becoming a victim. Cyber threats are especially problematic for remote workers, as employees outside of the office are often an easy target.

Here are a few ways an IT service provider can boost cybersecurity for your modern workforce:

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

One of the first steps in limiting the chance of a data breach is to turn on multi-factor authentication. This extra security step requires a user to verify their identity by entering a time-sensitive code sent to their email or mobile phone. Multi-factor authentication makes it even more challenging for hackers to access your account.

Remove Local Admin Rights for Users

Clicking on a suspicious link can easily cause malware to infect the entire network. One way to reduce these cybersecurity incidents is to remove local admin rights for users. Limiting these user privileges provides your business with an extra layer of security against a wide range of cyber threats.

Use a Strong Password Policy

Many employees make the simple mistake of using weak passwords. Unfortunately, these passwords are simple to hack by using automated software. IT services experts in Los Angeles can help you enforce a strong password policy for each employee to further boost security for each account. A strong password needs to include multiple letters and symbols while being at least 10 characters in length.

Educate Employees

Employees are often prone to cyber threats due to a lack of awareness. An IT service provider can offer educational classes for employees to make it easier for them to recognize potential cyber-attacks. These classes are a great way to stay proactive and reduce cybersecurity incidents.

Isolate Data Backups

Creating data backups is essential in improving the IT security of your business. These data backups are especially important if you are dealing with a ransomware threat. Isolating these data backups off your network is critical to ensure they are immediately available if you ever need them. Ransomware attacks will attempt to encrypt everything on your network; isolating data backups is critical in overcoming these attacks.

Advanced Networks offers IT services for a wide range of businesses in Los Angeles. We understand the importance of focusing on cybersecurity, as these threats are always evolving. Our team members will help you monitor your network at all times, and we are always available to answer any of your questions. Feel free to reach out to us and let us help you safeguard your business against all kinds of cyber threats.

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