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IT consulting experts in Los Angeles can help you get the most from Gmail. As cloud computing, decentralized computing, mobile devices, and Google have grown, so also have associated features with such products. People get so used to some changes, they forget there’s more to discover.

IT support in LA can be an easy resource to use as a means of maximizing not just Gmail software, but many other similar solutions available either free or at a cost. Three features a lot of users miss with Gmail include:

Inbox Categorization Along Prioritization Segues

IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles strongly advise inbox categorization to separate spam, legitimate communications, and different levels of priority in communication. Multiple inboxes can be configured, and multiple inboxes can be viewed. There’s a lot to play around with here. Look into what categorization options remain unused on your Gmail account presently.

The “Undo Send” Feature Helps Fix Mistakes

In “settings” on Gmail, you can set up a 30-second delay for the “undo send” function. Basically, the email won’t be sent for half a minute, allowing you to stop it if there’s an error in the text, or you find you wrote something perhaps you shouldn’t have. “Undo send” can be a life-saver.

Templates for Previously-Composed Responses

IT support providers commonly help businesses with things like Customer Relationship Management software, or CRM. Well, Google can be used to that end at least as regards “canned” responses. You can set your inbox to send out an email in your absence, or you can design your own “canned” responses and just reply with the tap of a smartphone screen or the click of a mouse.

Using Everything Available Through Gmail

Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help you take full advantage of free email solutions like Gmail. Inbox categorization, the “undo send” option, and automatic response templates are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to under-utilized Gmail features. For more information, get in touch with us at Advanced Networks.

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