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Ransomware is a significant threat that impacts companies of all sizes, and partnering with Orange County managed IT services professionals can play a key role in keeping your business well-protected against these threats in the workplace. Here are a few of the most common ransomware attacks that target businesses:


LeChiffre is a ransomware attack that is operated manually on a compromised system. Many times, a cybercriminal will automatically scan for networks to look for an unsecured remote desktop to log into and manually initiate the ransomware attack.


LockerGoga is a type of ransomware that targeted European manufacturing companies. The ransomware easily infiltrated a company by using a phishing email that forced many of these companies to purchase hundreds of brand new computers.


Locky is another form of ransomware that spread through emails by disguising itself as an invoice. Once the message was opened, Locky began encrypting a large number of files by using AES encryption.


The main purpose of NotPetya was to destroy data instead of obtaining a ransom. Initial reports suggested this malware was a variant of Petya ransomware.


Petya is a dangerous form of ransomware that encrypts entire computer systems by overwriting the master boot record to make it impossible to reboot the system.


Spider is a type of ransomware that is hidden in Microsoft Word documents, and it is disguised as a debt collection notice. Reaching out to Orange County managed IT services experts is always a good idea before you download any suspicious documents.


TeslaCrypt attacks Adobe vulnerabilities by installing itself in the Microsoft temp folder and uses an AES algorithm to encrypt your files.


TorrentLocker is primarily distributed through spam email messages that target specific regions. This type of ransomware is also referred to as “CryptoLocker”, as it collects email addresses from the victim to spread malware to other unsuspecting users.


WannaCry is a well-known ransomware attack that impacted organizations across the entire globe. These attacks hit over 125,000 organizations in more than 150 countries by using an exploit known as “EternalBlue” in Windows machines.


ZCryptro is a form of self-propagating malware that encrypts files and also infects external drives to make it easy to be distributed to other computers.

So, as you see, there are a lot of types of ransomware threats that could harm your business. It is essential to keep your company safe at all times. At Advanced Networks, our Orange County managed IT services team can help protect and secure your business from these kinds of threats. Our goal is to keep your data secure by providing the best cybersecurity protection. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about keeping your company safe against ransomware.

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