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Why Small Businesses Need an IT Services Provider in Los Angeles

IT services Los AngelesBig businesses get the glamor and headlines, but in reality, small businesses form a critical part of the economy. Small businesses account for 99.7% of employer firms and have paid 44% of total payroll in the USA since 1995. Unfortunately, many small businesses without the help of an IT services provider in Los Angeles find it difficult to compete with bigger firms with recourse to large, well-funded IT departments.

Businesses are having to become more technologically savvy. That can cost money, and often it costs more than small businesses may feel they can afford. If you’re in this boat, don’t worry, there is a powerful resource that can transform your business IT in a way you’ll probably find competitive.

IT Services For Small Businesses

The proliferation of IT in businesses drives a need for IT services. Many small businesses don’t have IT support teams in-house. Even those that do have IT support may not have the size of support team they really need to be resilient.

Key Ways an IT Provider Can Underpin Your Support

  • IT support, the easy way – By turning to an IT services provider in Los Angeles, your business can acquire the IT support it needs without having to fund the cost of equivalent in-house support. Furthermore, an IT provider will be the one having to handle recruitment, training, salaries, and the like, not you. The direct and indirect cost savings can be huge.
  • Bigger IT support team – You can get the level of support you need from an IT provider rather than the limited level of in-house support.
  • Expertise – An IT provider will be able to offer levels and breadth of expertise that may not otherwise be available to your organization. You may not always need all of this expertise, but it will be there if you need it.
  • Timely support – Remember that you’ll need cover for the times when a team member is sick or otherwise unavailable. Then, you might have more than one support issue crop up at the same time. You end up needing quite a sizeable team, and that gets expensive. An IT provider can give you this level of support but do it at a cost to you that is much more palatable.
  • Planning/Strategy – An IT provider is doing what it specializes when it handles your IT support. That means they have training, skill, and experience An IT provider can also help you with IT support planning and strategy. Got a big IT project upcoming? Let an IT provider handle it.

Advanced Networks is an IT services provider in Los Angeles that empowers small businesses by providing complete IT management services to ensure small businesses are able to operate smoothly and grow efficiently. For a flat monthly fee, we provide unlimited IT support to help small businesses compete with bigger companies. Contact us today for more information on how we can strengthen your organization.

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