Why SMBs Need IT Consulting in Los Angeles

Why SMBs Need IT Consulting in Los Angeles

Large organizations tend to find IT management to be easier than small and medium-sized organizations. Though businesses of all sizes are dependent on technology, smaller organizations tend to have tight budgets and minimal resources dedicated to IT management. This results in an inefficient break-fix IT approach that ultimately proves somewhat destructive. If you are tired of the frustration, cost and delays involved with the break-fix model, take the proactive route by allying with an IT consulting team in Los Angeles.

The Problem With Break-fix

The break-fix approach sometimes puts the IT burden on the shoulders of those who aren’t educated or experienced in IT. Companies that hire a dedicated IT professional often find this busy worker bee is occupied with other fires to tend to the latest malfunction. An on-call IT consultant almost always proves too expensive. These are just some of the many flaws with the break-fix approach to IT. The solution is to adopt a new proactive approach with the assistance of IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles.

Don’t let Downtime Hinder Your Business

The old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” does not apply to IT. It is better to be proactive and address issues as well as potential problems before they build momentum and worsen into major projects. If downtime occurs, it has the potential to halt your operations and ultimately reduce the bottom line through decreased productivity, tarnish the brand reputation, and less revenue.

Get More out of Your In-house Personnel

Companies with an IT support staff often find they can obtain more out of these talented professionals if they are not tied up repairing malfunctions and completing routine tasks. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) empowers these employees to work on more important projects that benefit clients, employees, and revenue.

Automate or Schedule Those Boring Tasks

It is now possible to automate an array of tasks for IT monitoring and security. Opt for this efficient route, and your in-house personnel can focus on other IT and tech-related projects. If they are not IT professionals, they will be liberated to return to their normal work and not have to worry about the complications of tech-related projects.

Catch Problems Before They Cause Business Disruptions

The importance of catching tech issues in their early stages cannot be overstated. Identifying these potential hurdles sooner rather than later prevents downtime reduces repair costs and keeps your operation running like a well-oiled machine. So don’t let those software, hardware or application failures spur downtime when they can be remedied ahead of any significant damage.

It is even possible to use RMM to assist in-house IT personnel better manage their workload. RMM combined with a network operations center for monitoring will pinpoint potential problems as quickly as possible to prevent disruptions of day-to-day operations.

If you need assistance with IT, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help. At Advanced Networks, we provide IT services, digital security, data backup, disaster recovery, hardware as a service (HaaS), cloud services and more. Contact us today for the free initial consultation.

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