Solving Mobile Security Problems with Reliable IT Services in Los Angeles

Solving Mobile Security Problems with Reliable IT Services in Los Angeles

IT services Los AngelesMobile devices have become a major company resource in the past decade. Employee smartphones and tablets are allowed by 95% of companies to access corporate data. Surprisingly, 63% of these companies don’t even bother to secure these mobile devices that obviously have access to very valuable company information. Many companies that offer IT services in Los Angeles have the resources to help your company employ mobile device management that protect company information while your employees continue to work from their devices. Here are a few advantages to consulting an external IT company about mobile device management.

Lessen Data Security Risks

Employees aren’t always great about following the rules, but it’s especially hard to get them to follow rules regarding the use of their personal mobile devices. When your employees leave work with their mobile devices that contain sensitive company information, they might not understand the consequence of not having their emails encrypted, or go online an insecure wifi network, or even not having a passcode on their device.

Mobile device management software can tell you whether or not your employees are securing company data on their mobile devices by monitoring the use of company data from those devices. The software can tell you who has accessed the data, and whether the mobile security protocol has been followed or not. You can even track the devices remotely in the case that an employees’ device is lost or stolen, so that it can be recovered or so that you can remotely destroy the data and prevent company information from being stolen.

Controlled Company Data Usage

Many companies provide mobile devices to employees for strictly business reasons. However, many employees abuse their company’s data plans by using company data for personal reasons because they know that the company doesn’t monitor the individual usage of data. However, mobile device management provided by IT services in Los Angeles can help by restricting data usage for apps or services that fall within business-related specifications. Company-specific usage on company-owned devices helps your company save thousands on excess data charges.

Automatic App and System Updating

Between application updates and device updates, it’s very difficult to keep everyone updated and on the same page for mobile devices. With mobile device management, you can automate the configuration settings like automatically updating certain apps or devices. You can also control the corporate access of your employees very easily and effectively with specific restrictions or access for each individual employee or a certain group of employees remotely.

In the end, mobile device management is a necessity because of the security of valuable corporate information. But by upgrading your mobile device management to external IT services in Los Angeles, you ensure that your employees are properly securing their devices by enforcing security protocols while still saving money by controlling mobile data costs and getting the latest in mobile device control. Don’t wait for a security risk to come to you, secure your devices now with mobile device management from a company like Advanced Networks. Contact us for the latest in mobile device management software that ensures your valuable company data is secure now and in the future.

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