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Irvine IT support is essential in helping your business understand the latest phishing scams and protect against them. This is a moving target— those who phish online try new approaches all the time.

Managed IT services providers in Orange County commonly deal with hackers who get clients to give them their information voluntarily. This is done a number of different ways, but there are key features of phishing emails which swiftly identify them as suspicious:

Watch for Grammar Mistakes

Irvine IT support firm will advise professionalism in email design across all levels of communication. When it comes to phishing emails, you can expect them to be drafted in other countries.

Naturally, this means when they write in English, they make basic mistakes which are pretty obvious. Watch for spelling mistakes, formatting mistakes, and grammar mistakes in emails which seem to come from a manager internally.

Carefully Screen All Emails

Managed IT services providers in Orange County advise you to train employees such that they carefully screen all emails, even going so far as to read all email addresses before opening anything.

What phishers do is find your directory, then design an email that’s exactly the same as someone in the directory, save one or two letters. For example, say the CEO’s email is [email protected]. Now say you got an email from [email protected]. See how subtly different that is?

Design Strict Protocols— Note Time Stamps

Phishing emails usually come at times in the day when traditionally, people are asleep. This again has to do with different geographical areas of phishers. Design email interaction protocols that are strict and will enable employees to note suspicious time stamps. Additionally, in terms of sending assets internally, you should have specific protocols a hacker couldn’t guess.

Safeguarding Your Business

Irvine IT support through Advanced Networks can help you protect your business from phishing attacks. Several common identifiers of underhanded emails include poor time stamps, strange email addresses, and goofy grammar. IT threats are always shifting, but there are things about phishing scams which can help you identify them. Contact us for more information.

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