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Taking Precautionary Measures Against Hackers with the Help of IT Consultants in Los Angeles

IT consultants in Los Angeles are always sharing news about hackers targeting companies. Hacking is not something new, and unfortunately, it can happen to any business whether big or small. The question of concern should be whether you are prepared to deal with the situation when it happens.

As mentioned above, hacking can happen to any organizations. Some businesses may think that they are safe because they have put certain precautionary measures. Taking measures is simply a layer of security that is meant to lessen the impact when you are hacked. Look at the following examples of big corporations that were hacked:


Honda was hit in 2010 whereby the hackers managed to access VINs, email addresses, and over two million names of customers. This incident would have led to the hackers doing phishing attacks on their customers to get more information. However, they went for a third-party company that sent welcome emails to new Honda owners. This is proof enough that even as you protect your company, you should ensure that your suppliers and any third-party company that works for you are protected, as well.


You could be mistaken to think that Microsoft, being a big corporation that manufactures software and PCs, cannot be hacked. Recently, their employees became victims of social media and email phishing attacks. The emails requesting for confidential information, of course, looked as if they were coming from a credible source. You could think that, given the nature of their business, they are the last people to be hacked, yet it happened. This is a lesson that you can be hacked for any reason. IT consultants in Los Angeles can guide you on how to be prepared.


Foxconn is a Chinese corporation that makes electronic parts for Apple. A hacker group known as SwaggSec hacked into their systems and got hold of all the usernames and passwords belonging to the company. They took advantage of an unpatched Internet Explorer. This is a lesson that as you secure the network of your company, you should ensure that the internal security is secured, as well.

If hackers can take time to hack the system of a big corporation with tight security measures, then that means that smaller businesses are an easier target that cannot be spared.

To be safer, collaborate with IT consultants in Los Angeles to help you safeguard your business. Advanced Networks is a managed services provider that can help you tighten your security measures. Contact us now and let us help you safeguard your business against cybercriminals.

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