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COVID-19 has affected business, people, and life in general. However, the silver lining to this terrible event is the fact that it is forcing business owners to review and improve business continuity strategies. Below, our IT services team in Los Angeles identifies the top business continuity strategies to add post-COVID19.

Identify and Document Essential Processes

Take a moment to consider all of your essential processes ranging from providing healthcare to sending out retirement plan payments, processing payroll, and beyond. You need to use specific technology and applications to ensure such processes are carried out. Furthermore, you should know whether such processes can be executed with the existing IT tools and systems architectures. Our IT services team in Los Angeles can help you understand the tech complexities requires for such processes.

Create a Plan for Client Communication

Communicating with clients is essential to maintaining a true rapport, keeping them in the fold, and helping your business stay afloat during challenging times. A plan should be in place to ensure you communicate with your clients at the appropriate time, making it clear your team is proactive. This communication should be clear and cogent, getting right to the point. Be positive, do not incorporate any type of negativity in your communication and your clients will be inclined to remain in the fold. It will also help to reach out to current and prospective clients through social media, providing updates and other information as appropriate.

Pinpoint Essential Tech Tools and Identify Backups

Assess your current technology to determine if it has any gaps. If you suspect the current tech will not function when disaster strikes, develop a contingency plan. Consider whether your company’s system architecture is established in a manner that permits virtual teams to work efficiently. Furthermore, your cloud strategy should be completely clear, proving formidable enough to accommodate alterations pertaining to the scaling of operations.

Identify Team Leaders

Your people are your most important asset during difficult times. Identify team members with the leadership qualities you desire, give these trailblazers the tools they need to excel under pressure, and you will rest easy knowing your team is prepared to step up to the plate during a crisis and deliver. Identify specific roles for each key player within your organization, evaluate the essential business processes that must continue in the event of a disruption, and have an IT support team on speed dial just in case you need expert tech assistance.

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