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Digital security audits might seem a bit intimidating, yet they are worth the investment of time and effort. There is no shame in admitting you aren’t exactly sure where to start with such an audit. Our IT support team in LA is here to help conduct a truly insightful audit and implement any necessary changes.

The Basics of Digital Security Audits

A digital security audit involves an evaluation of IT security to ensure the necessary protections are in place to guard against a litany of threats. Lean on our IT support team in LA for your digital security audit, and you will understand whether those safeguards are working. This audit delves into the overarching infrastructure, hardware specifications, software, network policies, and even more.

Even employee behavior is assessed to determine if the proper precautions and protections are in place. The goal of the digital security audit is to pinpoint and mitigate issues with the overarching security infrastructure. Once the audit is done, you will know exactly which vulnerabilities need to be addressed. Alterations, reconfigurations, and decommissioning will ensue, setting the stage for your entire system to be comprehensively protected.

Keep in mind, even slight alterations such as changes to processes or updates to software have the potential to expose your business to new threats. If you are on the fence as to whether an audit is really worth it, err on the side of caution rather than take an unnecessary risk and choose to move forward with a comprehensive digital security audit.

Specific Solutions for Your Business

Audits that are completed the right way will likely result in a considerable number of suggestions for enhanced digital security. The discoveries and assessments made during the audit should be specific to the point that they identify exact improvements such as additional cybersecurity protections implemented by the HR department to safeguard highly sensitive employee personal information. Above all, the audit must result in a clear avenue for digital security enhancements.

Your Digital Security Audit Sets the Stage for Success

Examples of common improvements made following a digital security audit include:

  • Revamping data backup and retention policies
  • Enhancing the complexity of passwords
  • Reconfiguring security software
  • Restricting permissions to only authorized users
  • The proper storage of sensitive data
  • Consistent control levels across network folders

Even if your digital security audit only results in a couple of changes, implementing them has the potential to prevent a costly and time-consuming digital security breach down the line.

Advanced Networks is at Your Service!

Our IT support team in LA is here to ensure you remain up to date with your security audits. If you have not performed a security audit in the prior couple of months, now is the time to do so. Reach out to our tech experts today to schedule an initial consultation.

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