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In 2021, many companies turned to IT consulting service providers in Los Angeles to manage their remote workforce. Now, in 2022, it’s time to enable a hybrid workforce by design, not by chance.

Based on a recent global poll, over 75% of employees aspire to continue working in the future in some form. About a quarter of those polled wants to return to the work full time. Half prefer a hybrid approach that mixes on-site and remote work.

How Does This Affect Your Organization?

More employees will work at home, on the go, or at shared workspaces by 2022. Therefore, traditional infrastructure models must be thrown out, and devices must connect workers from different sites while maintaining high productivity and inclusivity – making employees feel like a part of the same team.

You can reach out to our IT consulting team in Los Angeles if you need guidance on how to switch to the hybrid work model. We’ve outlined the key areas you should consider.

Set Your Employees Up for Success

Remote workers demonstrated that they have the ability to be more productive in 2021. Optimize their innovation and efficiency by offering end users the devices, collaboration platforms that will allow teams to collaborate regardless of their geographical location or the technologies they employ.

Support New Operating Models and Workloads

Your organization must take an integrated approach on infrastructure through:

  • Modernizing and migrating applications
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure
  • Public clouds
  • Agile networking

Secure Your Hybrid Workforce

There’s a need now to detect and analyze new threats, rationalize your current security stack for better management and effectiveness, and strengthen your employee awareness program using practices such as:

  • Access and Identity Management
  • Security Operations
  • Controls Program Strategy

Optimize IT Costs & Efficiencies

CIOs must focus on cutting costs despite forecasts of increased technology spending. Organizations should streamline procurement processes, eliminate redundant cloud services, and extend optimal governance to infrastructure assets outside their physical locations.

Time to Switch to Hybrid Workforce

The hybrid workforce is fluid by design. It would be best to adopt the hybrid workforce because research suggests that it is here to stay. We at Advanced Networks can help you with your IT support needs in setting up or managing your hybrid workforce in Los Angeles. Contact our IT consulting team in Los Angeles for a consultation and for assistance.

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