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IT services in providers in Los Angeles used to advise one sort of backup solution a few decades ago, but technology has shifted such that things which were a precise fit for most businesses are now antiquated. IT is always “shifting”.

It wasn’t until the 1800s in modern human history that people realized the value of data in business. It wasn’t until the 1950s that computation became a core component of business. By the eighties, smaller operations started making money this way, and now everybody’s got data–but how it’s stored isn’t the same now as it was.

There have been three primary considerations in terms of data storage over the history of backups:

Tape and Disk-Drives

IT services experts in Los Angeles commonly advocate more modern storage solutions than tape or disk drives–but it’s notable there is still a role for tape drives today.

Crazy as that sounds, it’s true. Tape drives were the “OG”, or “Original Gangster”, to use modern parlance, of backup and data recovery. Disk drives replaced them, but it turns out many disk-based solutions weren’t as efficient as tape drives.

Cloud-Based Backup

Cloud-based backup uses a network server array as your data repository. This can be remotely accessed, and requires a subscription fee–but you don’t have to worry about systems breaking down over time. Some are free but have limited features.

Cloud-based backup has technically been possible since the internet started, but it didn’t become feasibly viable for most businesses until around 2010.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

IT consultants in Los Angeles advise businesses to look into BDR, or Backup and Disaster Recovery. This is a method of data protection utilizing on-site servers, off-site remote storage, and protocols for rebooting.

Essentially, when something goes wrong, not only do you have a backup, but you’ve got recovery protocols available for swift reboot. A lot of businesses have some sort of BDR these days.

Finding the Best Solutions for Your Business

Our IT services team in Los Angeles can help advise you pertaining to on-site backup or something that uses the cloud–or both. We’ve come a long way since tape and disk drives, but these are still in mild use even today. It depends on the business. To learn more about backup options, and which will best fit your operation, contact us at Advanced Networks.

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