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IT consulting in Los Angeles

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles advise businesses to acquire IT security solutions as a means of protecting operations against cyber warfare. Beyond sidestepping common issues and enabling more fluid operations, deferred downtime losses and PR impact additionally safeguard profits.

General Security Measures

IT services providers in Los Angeles can provide your business specific security measures; since all businesses will have different needs here, we’ll briefly focus on general cybersecurity best practices your business should adopt if you haven’t. These include:

Relevant Training for Staff

IT consulting in Los Angeles can help you update staff on security shifts defining operational IT. Even if you’re not aware of any huge changes from a previous educational session, it’s worth noting regular refresher training courses are wise. If you can do this quarterly, it’s advisable.

Relevant Options in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication uses more than one device to establish the identity of someone using your network. So you might have a smartphone that gets a text message when you go to log in on your laptop. More in-depth MFA involves facial recognition software, consultation helps you find your best options here.

Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Cloud Computing Security

IT consultants help you determine what’s best to back up, how best to back up, how many backups you should have (a minimum of three, two on-site, one somewhere else), and how best to go about recovering operations after a disaster. Similar protocols apply to cloud computing; the right MSP will help you determine which backup and recovery protocols fit your operation.

Well-Rounded Cybersecurity Expands Operational Reliability

Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help you find education solutions for staff, determine which MFA matches your operations, design backup and disaster recovery protocols, and ensure cloud operations are likewise effectively secured. To learn more about the best security options for your business, contact us at Advanced Networks.

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