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Network security is essential to your business’s success. If your network is breached, slow or otherwise problematic, it will negatively impact your bottom line. Our IT consultants in Los Angeles can help you improve your network security and internet connection, ensuring all of your data remains perfectly secure.

The Basics of Network Security

Network security ensures only those with the proper qualifications are empowered to access your company’s wireless internet network along with the computing devices that rely on the network. In some cases, maintaining network security is common sense, yet there are also some complexities to this challenge. In some instances, it makes sense to conceal information when accessing the network from afar through the use of a VPN. VPN is an acronym that is short for “virtual private network”. Our IT consultants in Los Angeles can help you use VPNs to safeguard your data.

An array of other digital security tools will also help enhance your network security. From firewalls to regular updates, encryption, strong passwords, and renaming routers/networks, the small stuff of network security actually matters a great deal.

The Merits of Encryption

Routers on today’s market are highlighted by encryption. Encryption keeps your web connection secure. but some people are intimidated by this word simply because it sounds complicated. Encryption is turned on through the security options on the router. Simply change the encryption to AES through the WPA2/WPA setting, and enter the password/network key.

Network and Routers Should Be Renamed

Wireless routers have generic names and passwords when unboxed. It is important to change these names and passwords after setup. Otherwise, it will be that much easier for hackers to guess the password and access your data.

Updates Enhance Network Security

Similar to software and operating systems, routers also require regular updates. The companies that make routers update router firmware across posterity. These updates are made in response to the detection of vulnerabilities. Be sure to establish a reminder to take a look at the router settings once per month to determine if any updates are available.

Firewalls Are Your Friend

Your company’s router should contain an inherent firewall that shields the network against attacks. Take a look at the settings’ SPI/NAT to ensure the firewall is actually on. Furthermore, the computer should also have a firewall.

Advanced Networks can help you with your cybersecurity, network, and other hardware and software challenges. Contact us, and let our IT consultants in Los Angeles help you get the most out of technology.

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