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IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles specialize in helping businesses streamline technology operations. Windows devices tend to get a lot of software “static” which ultimately makes programs take long to load and can even impact hardware through difficult computations that heat up the CPU, requiring the fan to work overtime. That makes it so you’ve got to buy new computers sooner than you would otherwise. Even so, there are ways to diminish such problems.

Specific Action to Take

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles advise that you should never use third-party apps and you should run devices “lean”. Here’s what a “lean” operational paradigm is going to look like in practice:

Eliminate Unwanted Apps from Startup

IT support experts in LA advise that you should look at what apps your Windows device initiates when the computer starts. Really, you just need the background desktop software to boot, and you can choose apps from there.

Some businesses have specific needs from the get-go, and there are security considerations–but for the most part, many Windows devices have too many apps at startup, and this is slowing you down.

CCleaner and MyUninstaller Speed Up Loading

CCleaner can clean up your C-Drive of unnecessary apps, as can MyUninstaller–sometimes you need such solutions to get rid of unwanted programs. Keep in mind, MyUninstaller is something you’ll need to buy.

Disable Unnecessary Animations As Possible–Do So Comprehensively

Get rid of unnecessary animation. Here’s an example–albeit an old one. Remember “Clippy The Paperclip”? Nobody liked it, and it actually slowed down Windows operations. Well, many other similar little .GIFs and other animations can slow up your device. Find them and disable them.

Getting The Most From Your Windows Computer

Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help you figure out if unwanted apps are slowing you down, if you need to use an uninstaller, or if optional animations or something similar are slowing you up. To learn more about what confounds regular operations, and how to fix these problems, contact us at Advanced Networks.

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