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Workarounds and Measures for Convenience

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IT services providers in Los Angeles must continuously contend with a bevy of unique customers. MSPs have to keep themselves apprised of the fastest methods of technology interaction as a means of saving time and money in day-to-day operations. This is one reason they know all the workarounds. Here’s a tip: there are always workarounds–but some are more complex than others. Some are pretty straightforward

Several Notable Tech Tips to Expedite Day-To-Day Operations

Regardless of the sort of business you have, IT services experts in Los Angeles advise that you should consider the following tips and tricks to expedite daily work. You may be surprised at the time saved and the productive potential that becomes possible as a result:

Pinning and Grouping Browser Tabs

You have to efficiently utilize browser tabs. Chrome and other browsers commonly offer tab “pin” options. Essentially, the tabs you use most on your day-to-day work grind can be “pinned” so they automatically boot up when you start your browser. You can also make tab “groups” which can be activated with a click. Both actions may eliminate 5 to 10 minutes a day from your workload.

That’s 25 to 50 minutes a workweek, 100 to 200 minutes a month, and 1,200 to 2,400 minutes a year–or 20 to 40 hours a year per employee. That’s a half workweek to a workweek per staff member on the production floor. If you’ve got 52 workers, just this tip with browser tabs can save you a year’s worth of man-hours.

Learning How to Utilize Keyboard Commands

Just like browser pinning saves time, using the keyboard more often than the mouse saves a lot of time. You can “ctrl + C” to copy and “ctrl + V” to paste. “Ctrl + Z” takes back changes you didn’t intend. Using commands like “Ctrl + A” will select everything.

Different commands define different operating systems, these generally apply. Find which keyboard commands you can get your head around and teach to staff. Again, if this just saves 5 to 10 minutes per employee per day, that’s half a week to a week’s worth of productivity you gain back by year’s end per staff member.

Getting in the Habit of Saving Files After Each Change

IT support experts in LA strongly advise whenever you change something on a document, whether or not you’re online when the change occurs, you should save that document.

Screens can refresh, accidental commands can be entered in, and other things can incidentally delete your work. If this happens to you, you’ve got to start over. That’s quite a hassle. If you’re saving constantly, that saves you a lot of trouble.

Expediting Normal Daily Operations Through Simple Tips

Our IT services experts in Los Angeles can help you identify tips and workarounds to expedite daily operations. Saving continuously, utilizing keyboard commands, and maximizing web browser tab options can save many man-hours. If you’re not utilizing such shortcuts, you should. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more how we can help boost your business with IT services.

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