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Turning to LA IT Support Experts for Stronger Security

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When you work with LA IT support experts for your business, you have the advantage of access to valuable knowledge and solutions to fight cybercrime. It’s an unpredictable world out there in cyberspace, as criminals from the dark web prey upon companies with vulnerabilities. Here are security practices conducted by seasoned IT teams to protect against network intruders.

Avoiding the Weakest Passwords

Among the weakest passwords are those that are short and simple. Think of how easy it is for a software program to test four-letter passwords on an account. What might take weeks for a human to test manually might only take hours using hacker software.

Other weak examples are those used for multiple accounts, which helps hackers gain more access. Once they crack one account, they find to test the passwords on other accounts used by the same victim. One of the first rules of picking secure passwords is to make sure each one is unique. That’s why it’s never a good idea to use default passwords, which can be easily cracked.

Using common English words is another big costly mistake because even though they are easy to remember for the user, they are the easiest passwords to breach for a hacker. Employees are putting your company at risk if they use any type of password that relates to their personal identity, such as a name and birthday.

Strong Passwords and Multi-factor Authentication

The best passwords are the ones that are hard to remember and don’t resemble any language. Using a mix of at least 8 different letters, numbers, or special characters is the best safest type of password. Instead of employees memorizing complex passwords, they should use management tools that help organize and associate passwords with specific accounts.

Using multi-factor authentication has become a modern solution to slowing down hackers. Even if hackers guess the right password, they still have to answer a security question. Unless they’ve done extensive surveillance, it’s unlikely they can beat the 2-factor login strategy.

It’s also advantageous to use 24/7 network monitoring so that you can detect when cybercriminals are trying to launch a brute force attack on your network. Working with experienced LA IT support providers will help you stay a step ahead of the hackers.


LA IT support professionals can take further steps to protect your digital assets. Setting up a multi-layered security system is the key to building a strong defense against hackers. Remember that both weak and strong passwords can be hacked, but it’s always best to make the hacker’s job confusing and exhaustive. Get in touch with us at Advanced Networks to learn more about making your business network as secure as possible.

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