Understanding the Basics of Cyber Security with IT Support in LA

Understanding the Basics of Cyber Security with IT Support in LA

The term cyber security is used quite commonly nowadays. Though people are willing to write and speak this term, some are not fully sure of what it truly encompasses. Cyber security refers to the protection of information including hardware and software. Every organization needs to be cyber secure to ensure its data and systems are protected against unauthorized use, alterations, and possible destruction. An IT support firm in LA can help your business stay protected at all times.

A Look at Cyber Crime

Cyber rime is a criminal act performed through a computer, network or the web. Organized cyber thieves have seized opportunities presented on the web, with a special focus on web banking and e-commerce. Cybercrime is low-budget and does not take extensive experience to perform. Some cyber thieves purchase hacking software off the shelf with support services for continuous innovation.

Cyber Attack Threats

Cyberattacks put organizations or individuals in the cross-hairs primarily to gain access to intellectual property and/or personal information. Hackers take advantage of weak points in computer networks. Some hackers are motivated by financial gain while others enjoy the challenge of a new hack.

Phishing is a particularly popular technique for cyber hacking as it can be executed with ease and generate results with minimal effort. Hackers will go as far as establishing phony websites, emails and text messages to portray business. These fake transmissions are sent in large numbers to customers who assume the information is legitimate. Some such targets provide personal information like passwords, usernames, bank information, Social Security number, date of birth etc. This information is subsequently used to perform bank fraud or identity theft.


Cyber thieves rely on malware to infect computers with worms, viruses, adware, spyware etc. Once malware is on a computer, scareware can spread, data can be stolen, and emails can be transmitted from your account without your knowledge. The malware will move to others in your organization and email directory unless you ally with an experienced IT support team in LA.

Denial of Service Attack

This attack, also known as a DoS attack, stops a network or computer from performing regular functions. As an example, a DoS attack can target a website and consequently, the services, of a business. If successful, this attack can prevent online transactions and bring business to a grinding halt. It can also lead to data exposure that leaves customers vulnerable to identity theft.

Cyber Security Awareness

Now that you understand the basics of cybercrime, the importance of cyber security awareness should be obvious. There is risk for any type of data stored on-site or in the cloud. The challenge is to manage risk, protect your information and keep your business operating like a well-oiled machine.

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