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IT services Los AngelesAn IT services team in Los Angeles can play many roles including virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO). While CIOs are common among large corporations, their roles are often played by managers at small businesses. A vCIO is an outsourced IT service that can oversee all technology at a lower cost than hiring a traditional CIO.

Here are key advantages to outsourcing tech support:

What a vCIO Does

Managing technology needs for clients is what an IT services firm in Los Angeles does to help achieve growth, efficiency and increased productivity. A vCIO is trained to handle anything that involves managing technology from fixing technical issues to routine work such as backing up data.

Security is a top priority for an experienced, high quality vCIO. The firm will stay on top of security concerns, such as installing software updates on a regular basis. Establishing security policies is another role the vCIO can play to ensure your employees are on the same page as to how they can use your network. Using 24/7 monitoring software, the vCIO can detect intruders on the network and block them.

A seasoned vCIO knows how to analyze a business model and recommend to the owner what type of technology is needed for the company to reach its goals. He or she can also analyze your infrastructure and let you know what components are vulnerable to a cyberattack.

How a vCIO Saves Time and Money

While a traditional corporate CIO commands a six-figure salary, a vCIO works for a fraction of the cost and provides the same services with more up-to-date knowledge. Small businesses use vCIO talent to get high quality solutions as they need them. It’s helpful to use the same tech support team on a regular basis so that they become familiar with your company’s hardware and software, allowing them to resolve technical issues quickly.

The most skilled vCIOs are experts at both technology and business efficiency. They can help you establish and achieve a realistic budget for your current and future technology needs. They know how to replace redundant tasks with automated solutions so that employees can focus on work that computers can’t do such as closing sales deals. The best choice for a vCIO is one that listens to your business goals, offers innovative ideas and communicates clearly.


Finding the right vCIO is a way to access quality IT services in Los Angeles. It’s best to work with firms that have been around for years and understand your business model. Contact us here at Advanced Networks to learn more about how we can take your technology to the next level.

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