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A computer plays a key role in the daily activities of any business. Typically, it is a good idea to replace your computers at least every four years for the best results. New computers operate much more efficiently while also providing your business with additional protection from cyber threats. However, it may not be time to replace your computers, and maybe what you need is to update them.

Here are a few ways IT consultants in Los Angeles can keep your computers up to date.

Patch Management

Outdated software exposes your business to a variety of cyber threats and makes your system operate much less efficiently. You can easily avoid this situation by using a managed service provider (MSP) that offers patch management services. These updates will be automatically downloaded as soon as they are available to ensure your IT system is working at an optimal level at all times.

Tech Support

Understanding the age of your computer system is important if you ever need technical support. IT consultants in Los Angeles can help you determine the age of your Windows computer by looking at the date of your files on your hard drive. The date of the oldest folder will give you a general idea of the age of your Windows computer. You can easily verify the date of a Mac computer by clicking on the Apple icon near the far left top of your screen. Simply, select “About this Mac” on the pull-down bar to find the model and year it was manufactured.

Boost Productivity

Finding ways to improve productivity is always a top priority in the workplace. A brand new computer operates much faster than a computer that’s a few years old. Employees will be able to perform job tasks much quicker, which creates a much less stressful work environment while also allowing you to better meet your customers’ needs. Ultimately, a new computer is a worthwhile investment that can play a key role in improving productivity for your company.

Keeping up with the latest changes in technology isn’t always easy for small business owners. Advanced Networks is a managed service provider that can help your business reach its full potential by gaining access to the latest computers available. Feel free to reach out to our IT consultants in Los Angeles to learn more about our IT services.

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