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Cybercriminals are always creating new scams to hack into email accounts. These scams can be wide-ranging, whether it’s a social engineering attack, phishing scheme, or an attachment infected with malware. Understanding how to avoid these scams is essential in keeping your data safe and secure at all times. Having an IT support provider in LA can play a key role in giving your business an added layer of protection against these evolving scams.

Here are a few ways to limit the chance of your employee email accounts from getting hacked and how an IT provider can help:

Create Strong Passwords

Many employees make the mistake of creating simple passwords that are easy to remember. However, these passwords can easily be hacked through brute force attacks used by computer software. The best way to avoid this scenario is to create a stringing password policy for each employee. A strong password needs to include multiple uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, numbers, and needs to be at least twelve characters or longer.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Another way to keep your email accounts safe is to use multi-factor authentication. You can enable multi-factor authentication by requiring employees to link their email account to their cellphone number or to another email address. A time-sensitive code will be sent to one of these locations if someone attempts to access your email from an unusual location. This extra step in security makes it much more challenging for hackers to gain access to your email.

Change Your Password

Requiring employees to change their passwords every few months is another way to stay proactive against hackers. An IT support provider in LA can set up a program that requires employees to change their password after a set period. Using a password manager is a great way to keep up with passwords from a variety of accounts, as employees will only need to remember the master passcode.

Employee Training

Training employees on how to recognize various phishing scams and other cybersecurity threats is essential in keeping email accounts safe. Scheduling these training sessions every few weeks is a great way to stay proactive and train employees on how to recognize common scams in the workplace. An IT provider can conduct these training sessions for your employees.

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