When Searching For Managed IT Services, Look for a vCIO

When Searching For Managed IT Services, Look for a vCIO

Managed IT ServicesAs 2024 is approaching, you and your company may be looking to hire a Managed IT Services Provider. The main reason is probably so that you will have access to IT Support Specialist whenever you need them. At Advanced Networks, we strongly suggest that you look at Managed IT Services as a bigger offering and look for one that will coach you as your business continues to grow. You may not have the budget to hire a full time Chief Information Officer and that is were a Virtual Chief Information Officer comes in. A Managed IT Services Provider that has a history of helping clients navigate the technology challenges in their business will provide you with value.

Why a vCIO might be what your Business Needs.

If you and your company still has the older technology that has brought your company to the place it is at, but needs to upgrade, you might need to hire a vCIO or a Chief Information Officer. Having someone incharge of making sure your technology is reliable will save you in the long run, because they will/ “should” have the knowledge to protect your business from hackers, legal troubles and system failures. They will/should be able to guide your technology dollars so that you get a positive return on your new and reliable technology.


Having someone incharge of the technology of your business is critical to scaling your business and making sure you are protected in case disaster happens. With Managed It Services, you should be able to get a knowledgeable vCIO that is versed in many different types of business or has a specialty of just your industry. You can get the knowledge base from a CIO, but you will lose out on receiving 24/7 IT Support that comes with Managed IT Services.

Why Choose a vCIO

  • When you factor in the IT Support aspect of a vCIO, it is significantly cheaper
  • A vCIO is easier to hire and takes a lot less of your time to manage.
  • vCIOs are not biased to currently employees
  • They have a reputation to uphold that can be damaged by a bad review
  • A vCIO typically has more knowledge about your type of technology
  • Because they help multiple clients, yout technology will be cheaper

Why Choose a CIO

  • You might want an onsite management team. -Most Managed IT Services Providers can offer onsite support and stop by for onsite visits.
  • It might be easier to schedule meetings if the only company your CIO is working for is your own.
  • They will only be focused on your business.

Cons of a CIO

  • You will be paying salary plus benefits.
  • The cost may drain your technology budget
  • If you do not hire a strong enough CIO, you might run into problems. This could include hiring someone that looks a lot better on paper or they might not be the best fit.
  • You might not even need a CIO, which could be a big waste of working capital.


Cons of a vCIO

  • You will need to schedule meetings with them.
  • If anything breaks, they will need to me called or dispatched.
  • It may take longer for your company and vCIO to build a strong relationship. This is partly because the vCIo will not be onsite.
  • If you have an existing IT department, you may find roles overlap. We suggest going with Fully Managed IT Services to fight this problem.


Which one is better? vCIO vs CIO

You might find that you are still a little lost when it comes to hiring a head person for you technology. We recommend that you consult with an IT Consulting firm like us. We will work through your IT needs and make sure your needs are met. If you can receive everything you need in house, there is no needs to hire a Managed IT Service Provider. Finally, a MSP will offer you the best bang for your buck while making sure your IT needs are met.

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