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What’s a Choose-Your-Own-Workstyle Environment?

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IT support providers in LA are in a place where new technology is totally revitalizing the workplace. Choose-Your-Own-Workstyle, heretofore abbreviated CYOW, is basically a blanket concept which includes similar work design paradigms like BYOD, or Bring-Your-Own-Device. Essentially, the idea is to let technology provide employees with greater choice in the environments where they work.

Advantages of CYOW

IT outsourcing firms in Los Angeles can provide better CYOW options. Essentially, you can “outsource” the totality of your office space, excepting a handful of management personnel and a few “huddle rooms” for necessary videoconferencing needs. Space, parking, maintenance, and hardware costs can be cut. But specifically for employees, these benefits result:

An Increase in Retention of Personnel

IT support providers in LA have helped many businesses keep employees around longer through CYOW. Think about it from their perspective: the majority of their job is something which can be done from a laptop in their den. Only occasionally do they need to check in with you anyway. Otherwise, they’re just sitting behind a desk twiddling their thumbs and not being productive. But when they can work under a CYOW paradigm, then they can set things up to match their preferences directly.

Expanded Workplace Satisfaction and Associated Productivity

BYOD, specifically, is known to expand productivity, owing to the convenience and customizable nature of CYOW paradigms.

CYOW/BYOD Options Increase Interest of Qualified Personnel

When you’re seeking or expanding new qualified personnel, offering CYOW or BYOD options makes you more desirable than candidates who don’t have such options available. Especially in technology, there’s a lot of competition in finding the best employees. You can give yourself an edge with this sort of workplace infrastructure.

Giving Employees More Autonomy Is a Wise Management Tactic

At Advanced Networks, our IT support team in LA can help you increase the sort of employees you can hire, expand the productivity of personnel, and keep them around longer. CYOW and BYOD options are key means of seeing these outcomes. Contact us for more information.

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