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Why You Need to Cover Your Laptop Camera | IT Support in LA

Cameras are a common feature on nearly all modern laptops. These cameras make it easy to attend Zoom meetings and keep in touch with co-workers. However, these laptop cameras also create significant security risks, as some IT support experts in LA say.

Here are a few of the top reasons why you need to cover your laptop camera while it’s not in use.

Easy to Hack

Cybercriminals can easily hack most laptops due to a lack of security. These compromised laptops are a major security risk, as these hackers can often use the built-in webcam to view you while you are using your computer. Using a piece of tape or even a sticky note to cover your laptop lens is a simple yet effective way to avoid these threats.

Privacy Concerns

A hacked laptop creates major privacy concerns. This is especially problematic if these criminals use a laptop to record you without your knowledge. Sometimes these videos can be used for extortion or even complex social engineering schemes. Taking the additional step in covering your webcam is well worth the effort.

Protection for Remote Workers

The number of remote workers dramatically rose last year due to the pandemic. Cybercriminals often target these remote workers because they are easy targets. Reaching out to IT support experts in LA can help you stay proactive against these evolving threats. Keeping your software up to date, covering your webcam, and learning how to recognize phishing scams are essential ways for remote workers to stay safe.

Stay Proactive

Taking the time to cover your laptop’s webcam is an excellent way to stay proactive against IT security threats. Staying aware of these cybersecurity concerns can play a key role in protecting your identity and helping you avoid a lot of stress. Keeping up with the latest cybersecurity news can also help you avoid an IT security incident, as cybercriminals are always finding new and innovative ways to target employees.

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