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As a small business owner, you often have too much to handle at any given moment. Apart from the day to day management, you also double up as the chief information officer of your business.

This split focus, especially when it comes to IT, can lead to missed opportunities, inefficiencies and high costs in business operations. Having a virtual CIO as part of your LA IT support can help bridge the gap between your IT infrastructure and business goals.

Technology Planning

Virtual CIO consultants add a strategic edge to your business, whether an in-house team is non-existent or is super lean. At a flat and predictable monthly rate, the experts guide your company through technological changes and budget allocations.

A vCIO develops long term strategies and make recommendations to ready your business for the future. The end goal for a vCIO is that your company can leverage IT to attain its growth objectives, fast and cost-effectively.

The vCIOs from your chosen LA IT support provider will collaborate with you and provide a decisive roadmap in regards to IT costs, acquisitions and resource allocations. They work with up to date solutions in creating a foolproof blueprint for your business success.

The specialists understand the IT trends from security to cloud computing and mobile solutions. The technological direction they chart for your business would be the most efficient one, with a higher ROI from your infrastructure.

Security and Disaster Planning

Cybersecurity is a prime time topic, as the number of incidences has been worryingly increasing. One of the areas of focus for a vCIO will be your security environment. They look at your security structure with a fresh set of eyes and help in installing defense controls and incidence response plans.

The experts continuously monitor your network and systems, leveraging predictive analytics that can help to resolve security issues before they happen. Your business will have a sure and clear path to disaster recovery for your business in the incidence of a fire, flood or similar catastrophe.

IT Leadership Expertise When You Need It

You don’t have to be an IT expert when you are not. Without breaking the bank or going into the frustrating C-suite hiring process, a vCIO can save your day every day. They come in on an outsourced capacity, that is to say, available just when you need them.

You will need them when you need clear reports on the impact of technological changes on business operations and the gaps that your enterprise faces. You will want highly experienced help when finding the IT solutions to the growth challenges of your business and when you need to expand in the market and overcome competition.

Our vCIOs Are Ready to Help You Grow

At Advanced Networks, we provide top of the line vCIO services and managed LA IT support. We can help to manage, oversee and optimize your business initiatives on a consultative basis. Contact us now to learn more.

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