Working with an IT Support Provider in LA to Help Safeguard Your Data

Working with an IT Support Provider in LA to Help Safeguard Your Data

IT support LAIT support providers in LA can help you comprehensively safeguard your data against cybercriminal intrusion. The thing is, you have to know you’ve got an issue before you can address it. It’s just like an addiction— the first step is admitting that a problem exists. Well, many businesses don’t realize they’re fundamentally at risk from a variety of angles; but the truth is, no business is safe.

SMBs are commonly targeted by cybercriminals, and cybercrime itself is a growth industry in the trillions. This trend is expected to continue in conjunction with human nature and tech development. That said, there are basic measures you can take against your files being compromised:

Employee Access Management

IT support firms in LA often recommends that businesses have some level of compartmentalization defining operations. You’ve likely heard the phrase “on a need to know basis”. This is military jargon which describes one aspect of compartmentalization: only those who need access, get access; this protects sensitive data. Well, with your MSP, you should only grant access to your employees on a “need to know” basis. If they don’t need access, don’t give them access. If you do, you’re just opening yourself up to intrusion from cybercriminal entities.

Education and Fortification Against Phishing Scams

You need to design protocols which preclude employees from incidentally compromising operations via policy. But that’s not enough— you need to educate employees as well in pertinence to the dangers out there. It makes sense to have an educational refresher at three to four-month intervals, depending on your operation’s budget. The goal-posts are always moving, and cybercriminals are forced to dream up new scams as older ones are overcome by their targets. So, design policies to anticipate phishing scams, but additionally, re-educate your workers for greatest protection.

Designing Cohesive and Effective Password Management Strategies

Don’t be like the DNC in 2016 and use a password that can be hacked through free time and process of elimination. You want complicated passwords that have nothing about them which can be cracked. Additionally, you want to update those passwords on a regular basis. Weekly isn’t a bad idea, though this can be hard to manage; which is one reason it makes a lot of sense to manage passwords via MSP.

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks can reduce your vulnerabilities through contemporaneous security solutions regularly updated. Contact us to find out where you may be vulnerable and to design protection solutions which will continuously safeguard you against cybercriminal intrusion.

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