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LA IT supportLA IT support is absolutely fundamental to your operational security. Here’s a brief history lesson: Gordon Moore discovered computational technology doubles on itself at predictable intervals in 1965. Since then, his discovery has held true. Computational technology routinely doubles on itself, resulting in greater operational ability, as well as new exploitable vulnerabilities for bad actors in the tech world. Accordingly, you need a cybersecurity solution which offsets these realities. Four ways to ensure such cybersecurity solutions are most successful include:

  • Determining assets
  • Designing automatically-renewing security solutions
  • Codifying and managing threat-detection strategies
  • Designing best practices routinely updated

Determining Assets

LA IT support will be most successful in terms of cybersecurity, provided you know what your assets are and which ones need more protection. Infrastructure is important to protect, but proprietary data is likely more important. You’ll want to tier cybersecurity in terms of asset importance. A managed service provider (MSP) is integral in helping you do that.

Designing Automatically-Renewing Security Solutions

Security solutions can’t be designed in a vacuum. As referenced in the beginning of this writing, tech is always changing. Unless your core internal prerogative as an organization revolves around the latest tech, you’re going to fall behind in terms of security. Tech companies do have such a core prerogative, and so they can help keep you up-to-date with less complication and greater effectiveness.

Codifying and Managing Threat-Detection Strategies

It’s not enough to know there are threats out there and protect against them; you need strategies in place should some pernicious cybercriminal pierce your defenses. Backup and Data Recovery (BDR) is an essential last-resort here. Hopefully, you don’t have to shut everything down, wipe your servers, and reboot. However, you need to be able to if such a thing becomes necessary.

Designing Best Practices Routinely Updated

You need to have best practices which are communicated to your staff. Such training must be done regularly. You can’t just train new staff when you onboard them and expect that to stick. If you want your operation to be secure, they need to be trained and retrained about every three to six months, depending on how technologically involved your business is. The right MSP can help you train your staff, or at the very least, help you find training solutions.

Continually Secure Operations

The goalposts of cybersecurity are always shifting, so stay ahead. LA IT support through Advanced Networks can help ensure that your internal operations are always secure, even in the face of new technology threats. Contact us now for an appraisal of your current situation, as well as the latest solutions in terms of cybersecurity.

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